Jocelyn & Chris: Couch Concerts on Location

During the global health circumstance of 2020, Jocelyn & Chris began streaming regularly for a series they called “Couch Concerts” – intimate acoustic live sessions streamed from their home that allowed them to cultivate a unique connection with fans around the globe. Now, as the world begins to reopen, they’re excited to take this tradition on the road. Presenting Couch Concerts on Location: semiacoustic concerts that meld powerful live performance with personal storytelling to create a truly memorable experience.


These performances are high-energy, engaging, and always unique.


Below are some video segments to give you a feel for these performances.


Bridge Road

David Bourgeois: whitelakemusic@icloud.com


Skyline Artists Agency

Ben Rossman: ben@skylineonline.com


Shore Fire Media

Rebecca Shapiro: rshapiro@shorefire.com

Andrea Evenson: aevenson@shorefire.com