Jocelyn & Chris – Winter 2021 Road to Nowhere Tour

We’d love make your Facebook page our next (virtual) tour stop!

Learn more below.

We confirm your date for a livestream show on your Facebook page. 


Shows are scheduled Thursday evenings beginning January 7th. Our livestream begins at 7pm your time and runs approximately one hour. 

Once we’re scheduled, we’ll collaborate on an announce date and promote the upcoming performance.


We’ll list the show on our website and socials as a virtual “tour date” and promote it to our audience.


Just like a typical live performance, we can create custom graphics and other promotional assets for you to use. 

We’ll work out the tech specifics to ensure a smooth livestream. 


To make this work, we typically use admin access to your Facebook page or Facebook crossposting between your page and ours. The same team that routinely assists us in advancing our live performances on the road will be available to help ensure everything works smoothly.


Typically, we’ll collaborate with you to run tests prior to the event. 

When it’s showtime, we go live to play a full-band, full-production show that’s streamed live on your organization’s Facebook feed! 


We’ll also make sure to share the stream on our own Facebook page to direct our audience to the show. 

In addition to a full-band show, one of the things that makes our livestreams unique is that we actively monitor and respond to comments from viewers live during the set.

During the show, we’ll rock out and talk you up. We can mention something new you’re working on, point people to your website, or tell the audience about anything you’d like us to. We can work this out sometime before show day to make sure we’ve got things covered.


Please email news@jocelynandchrismusic.com