“Sugar and Spice” Partnerships

We’re pleased to announce some exciting partnerships created around our new single, “Sugar and Spice”!


When we’re on the road, we’re always looking out for the best food and drink. We’ve been all over the place, and we’ve been lucky to meet some truly great people. We’re excited to present a line of products inspired by our song “Sugar and Spice” and created in collaboration with some of these tour-forged friendships!


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Sugar and Spice Rock and Roll BBQ Sauce


Created in collaboration with Coal Creek Smokehouse
The best BBQ in Rocky Top, TN. Click here to learn more.

Honey-sweet with a kick.


Did you ever try something that was smooth and sweet, only to have it sneak up on you and kick your ass just a little bit?

Well here’s a bottle full of that.

Godspeed my friend.


Exclusively available from Coal Creek Smokehouse. Purchase on their website or in-store while supplies last.

Sugar and Spice Passion Fruit Milkshake IPA


Created in collaboration with Peacemaker Brewing Company
The best beer in Canandaigua, NY. Click here to learn more.

Fruity. Creamy. Refreshing.


Cold beer and hot summer jams: a match made in heaven. Or in this case, in upstate New York. Tangy passion fruit collides with sweet, creamy richness for the perfect summer sipper. Pairs well with sunshine, great grooves, and feel-good vibes all around.


Available in select Wegmans, at Colonie Beverage Center, and at select Jocelyn & Chris summer events.



Bridge Road

David Bourgeois: whitelakemusic@icloud.com



Skyline Artists Agency

Ben Rossman: ben@skylineonline.com



Shore Fire Media

Rebecca Shapiro: rshapiro@shorefire.com

Andrea Evenson: aevenson@shorefire.com